Figma Progress Indicators Components

Progress indicators visually communicate the advancement of ongoing tasks through elements like progress bars, spinners, and status text. As processes unfold, indicators display each completed stage and provide feedback to maintain the connection with the user. Pagedone’s nicely designed indicators components not only track progress but reassure that despite uncertain wait times, the system is actively working toward task resolution.


Figma Progress Indicators Components

Progress indicators show the status of things happening. Examples are loading bars, spinning circles, text. When something is working, the indicator shows how far along it is. Like a loading bar filling up. When something is working, the indicator shows how far along it is. Like a loading bar filling up.

Some types of indicators: Loading bars - Fill up from 0% to 100%, Spinning circles - Show activity cycling, Text - Says things like Processing. Indicators can: Show progress on their own, Respond when user does something.

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The goal is to show what's happening in a visual way. So users know things are working. Good indicators reassure users and make waits feel shorter. Pagedone has flexible indicators to add to designs. They help when users need to wait and be patient. Seeing progress feels better than nothing.

Progress bars show where users are in a process. They make designs feel more interactive. Good places to add progress bars Presentations - Show how far through the slides, Forms - Indicate steps completed, Galleries - Highlight images scrolled past, Books - Mark chapters read, Checkouts - Display checkout progress, Loading - Show task loading status.

Progress bars give context about where users are. Horizontal bars show linear steps. Circle loaders show looping progress. Labels explain what the steps mean. Sizes highlight important bars. Animations make passive bars engaging. When added well, progress bars guide users through each design stage. Users stay informed about advancement through interactive visuals.

Figma Progress Indicators Components Properties

The progress bar component offers four style varieties and numerous configuration options Display text can be shown below the bar to indicate status. A percentage amount can toggle on to quantify progress. Bar sizing ranges from xs to 2xl. A half circle shape toggles a semicircular design. The percentage and text are directly editable within the component.

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The flexible configurations empower designers to simple way to use progress bars for any design. Text supplements progress digitally. Sizes reflect priority. Circular or linear shapes fit different aesthetics.

Figma Progress Indicator: size

The Figma progress indicator component provides seven size options to choose from: XS - Extra small, SM - Small, MD - Medium, LG - Large, XL - Extra large, 1XL - Extra extra large, 2XL - Extra extra extra large.

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The seven sizes ensure designers can configure styling and prominence as needed. Moderate sizes work for most contexts. But XS through 2XL provide options for more specialized cases.

Figma Progress Indicator: Percentage

The Progress indicator component provides percentage options ranging from 0% to 100%, increasing in increments of 10%.

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For example, it would display 0%, 10%, 20%, and so on up to 100%. This allows the user to see the relative amount finished and remaining at a glance.

Figma Progress Indicator: Half Circle & Sub Text

The progress indicator has options for shape and text To select a half circle shape, toggle the "Half Circle" option. This will make the progress meter semi-circular instead of a full bar. To add text that displays below the percentage, toggle the "Sub Text" option. This will show a subheading under the main percentage text stating the progress status.

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These options allow you to customize the look of the progress indicator. Toggling the "Half Circle" shape makes a half meter. Toggling "Sub Text" adds a progress label below the percentage.

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Figma Progress Indicators Components

All components are available in tailwind css also, please check.

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