Tailwind CSS FAQ Sections

Pagedone offers a variety of expertly designed FAQ sections in Tailwind CSS, serving as a user-friendly part of the landing page for frequently asked questions. These sections are thoughtfully structured to provide users with clear answers in a modern, easily navigable design, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.


Default faq section with image block

One can keep image beside questions and answers in the FAQ section.

Tailwind FAQ Section with border layout

If you want faq in an accordion style with a border type layout that shows an icon with plus and minus button then this example can be used.

FAQ Section with arrow style block

Use this tailwind faq section example to offer simple arrow style faqs which will open and close on clicking the arrow again.

FAQ Section with background block

This tailwind faq can be use to show keeping heading and description beside them.


FAQ Section as a list block

Here questions and answers can be listed in two columns with question mark icon.


FAQs as tabs block

We can also segregate questions in vertical tab format as accordion style. Which ideally makes it easier for users to find particular answers.


FAQ Section with box layout block

Using this tailwind faq component you can show questions and answers in box format.


Tailwind FAQ Section with image and border layout

Here in this style an image can be kept and also question and answers can be kept in another column with plus and minus sign which can be opened or closed as accordion.


FAQ list with image position

This tailwind css faq can be used when you want to keep your image on the right side of the screen and question and answers on the left side.


FAQ Section with CTA button

As shown in the following Tailwind FAQ sectione any CTA button can be placed as per the need alongside faqs.


Alternate FAQ style with arrow

This two column tailwind css faq component gives creative look to the page


FAQ Section with arrow background

This offers different arrow style inside faq item for every row.


FAQ with horizontal tab

Similar to what vertical tabs do, but here tabs are shown horizontally. The idea remains same which is to make it easier for users to find answers.


FAQ with vertical tab

This comes in handy while designing faqs as per section or subject. Tabs make it easier for visitors to find answers of specific questions.


Faq as testimonial

When one wants to use tailwind faq with testimonial card this design style and layout can be used.