Tailwind Stats

Pagedone's Tailwind CSS Stats Section designs offer visually captivating ways to showcase data, grabbing user's attention effortlessly. With a variety of design options available, you can select the perfect style to present your statistical information in an attractive and engaging manner, making your data visually appealing.

Heading with four stats

Right next to heading and description here one can display four key stats

Simple stats page

Display four simple stats, data and numbers with heading below.

Stats with custom colour

Highlight stats with custom colours and mention description below each stat as shown in the following tailwind stats component.

Stats with indicators

Differentiate stats by showing different indicator alongside each of the stats.


Stats with border

It is pretty similar to the above style, the only difference will be instead of indicator here borders will be kept with different stats.


Stats with brand logos

With brand logos and border you can showcase different stats for different clients.


Stats with custom icon

Put different icons for different stats to make it easier for visitors to understand.


Tailwind Stats Card

Display stats in card layout with different icons and heading.


Stats with background

Here one can use background colour in card layout style and keep heading below each stat.


Stats with creative design

Show numbers in style, use card layout and use different colour as background. This makes the page look more attractive.


Horizontal stats

Show numbers and stats horizontally and keep icons next to each of the statistics.


Stats with horizontal description

Using the following Tailwind CSS Stats you can show stats, heading and description horizontally.


Stats with icon background

This tailwind css stats can be used to add background to custom icons of stats with heading.


Split with heading

Mention heading and description with CTA buttons on the other half of the stats.


Vertical stats

This Tailwind Stats card Show stats vertically with numbers in bold, description and heading.