Pagedone Figma Design System

Create stunning user interfaces with ease using Figma design system, which has been specifically optimized for integration with Tailwind CSS. With Auto Layout, smart variants, and an emphasis on accessibility, enable you to effortlessly create exceptional designs.


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Foundational figma Components

Get all the elements you need to create the framework of an excellent Figma design system: icons, styles, typography, logos, grid, colors etc.


Figma Base Components

Buttons, avatars, banner, badges and toggles are examples of "molecules" in a figma design system; these are usually collections of user interface (UI) components or features made up of smaller, simpler components.

Marketing Website Blocks

Figma Marketing Base Components

Marketing website blocks refer to the many content parts and elements that go into making marketing pages for websites.

Ecommerce Blocks

Essential For Presenting

These design blocks help you build modern e-commerce websites and applications.

Full Pages

Corporating Full Page

Incorporating full page designs into your design system is important, as it provides a comprehensive visual framework for various pages or screens within your application or website.