Tailwind CSS Order Summary

A well-designed order summary section in tailwind css is essential for users to easily track delivery status and access essential product summary details. Pagedone provides a range of structures and styles to showcase all necessary components effectively.


Order summary with simple details

Use this example to show user’s order details in full page view.

Tailwind Order Summary with details

This page lists all the products and services ordered and shows the completed summary of the order.

Order summary with order details, payment and address

Here using thisorder summary style designed in Tailwind CSS, one can also show shipping address and payment method too along with product details.

Order summary with two columns & full order details

Display products in two column grid card using Tailwind CSS Order Summary component.


Order summary with dynamic action

This style lets you edit cart and change number of units ordered or delete any product on the order summary page itself without having to go back to cart page.