Figma Company Logos Component

Pagedone provides a collection of popular company and integration logos, all available in SVG format. Whether you need press logos, company logos, social logos, or integration icons, our diverse selection covers it all. These logos come in multiple styles, offering you flexibility and versatility to seamlessly incorporate them into your designs.

Use of Company Logos

At Figma UI Design System, we have categorized all of our various company and brand logos into specific sections and categories. This makes it much simpler and faster for users to locate the exact logo they need when searching our logo database.

For example, let's say you need to find the Instagram logo to use in a project you are working on. Rather than scrolling through a long list of every logo in our Figma design system, you can go directly to the "Social Media Networks" section within our "Integration Icons" logo library.

When you click on the "Social Media Networks" category, you will see a comprehensive list of all the major social media platform logos, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. The Instagram logo will be readily available in this section amongst other social media icons.

Organizing our logo database in this way, by breaking out logos into intuitive sections and categories, enables users to efficiently navigate directly to the relevant logotype they need without having to search through irrelevant logos. Whether you need a logo for a social platform, technology brand, payment system, or any other category, our categorized logo database allows for easy access and a smooth user experience.

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Edit Assets

Editing the size of images and other logos in Figma is simple. First, click on the asset you want to resize to select it. In the top right corner, you will see the current width and height of that asset.

To increase the width and height together equally, click on the "Constrain Proportions" lock icon so it is enabled. Using the "Constrain Proportions" lock allows the width and height to be adjusted together. Then simply increase the width & height numbers to make the image Big overall. Overall, Figma makes it fast and easy to edit asset sizes. This feature makes it easy for designers to manage and update assets in Figma multiple projects.

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And if you want to change the Instagram logo just click on the Instagram dropdowns. or if you want outside of social networks icon then click on social networks main component dropdowns.

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