Figma Avatar Components

Pagedone offers a variety of customizable Figma avatar components. Choose from images, Memoji, icons, or illustrations. Customize the styles for your brand. Also, add status indicators and attribute badges to communicate user details like availability, permissions, ranking, and more. Nicely designed avatars Components allow designers to easily build engaging systems that inform users.


Figma Design system user avatar components & placeholders

Pagedone includes 50 preset avatar styles to use as placeholders. The avatar styles have names like Avatar images, Memoji, Latter, Icon, Placeholder. all organized with matching backgrounds with different color and different type.

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Our figma design system has a dedicated Avatar component for user profiles and placeholders. The component has a circular image container with smart resizing behaviors. Simply drag out an Avatar from the components library and customize by adding your own image to the circular photo slot. There are options to adjust size, border, spacing and more. You can link an Avatar to a user profile widget. This creates consistency when displaying users across a project. It's easy to swap images to represent different users. Avatars are more personalized than plain placeholders. Figma's Avatar component provides a reusable way to visually represent users in a consistent, engaging way. Avatars bring designs to life and are preferable to plain placeholder images.

Our Avatar Feature

Our avatar component includes different style options like image avatars, solid color avatars, memoji avatars, illustration avatars, text-based avatars, and icon avatars. This variety allows you to match any project look and feel. The avatars also have status indicators like top status dots to show online, away, etc and bottom indicators for pinned chats, admin, etc. And options like adding a logo at bottom or buttons to remove or delete the avatar.

With flexible styles, status alerts, and extra features, our avatar component covers all your avatar needs. You can represent users consistently across screens with appropriate visuals and information. No need for custom avatar designs each time. Our robust component handles it all in a reusable way.

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Starting with the avatar Size, we provide 6 different sizes Huge, Extra Large, large, Medium, Small, and Tiny.

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Our avatar component provides different style options including default images, images with solid backgrounds, engaging memojis, unique custom-made illustrations, text-based avatars, and icon representations. With this variety, you can pick the avatar style that fits your project best. Key benefits are flexibility to match different aesthetics, visually represent users appropriately, adds personality over plain placeholders, allows consistency across user avatars, and removes the need to remake avatars for every page. In summary, our versatile avatar styles make it easy to create engaging, personalized user avatars that are reusable across your full design system.

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Also, you can change background color from color options Click on dropdown and you can select list of colors.

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Our avatar component lets you add status icons to represent user states. The available status options include Default, Online, Offline, Busy, Pending, Notification, Verify, Pin, Favorite, Add, Delete indicators. These status icons help communicate useful information about each user, like online vs offline status, pending requests, pinned favorites, etc. Statuses can be positioned at the bottom of the avatar. Avatars become more informative and functional.

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User avatar components

All components are available in tailwind css also, please check.

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