Login Pages

Offer your audience safe, easy and efficient login experience with our pixel perfect login pages made using Tailwind CSS which help users to authorise and access the platform.

Login form with gradient background

If you want a creative log-in form with a gradient backdrop colour, you may use this example.

Login with social media button

This sample page allows you to log in using CTA and social networking buttons.


Login page with gradient background & form

You may try using this example to get a gradient backdrop with a creative form design next to the headline and explanation.


Login page with CTA button & illustrations

This sample can be used if you want to show an illustration with a heading and a call to action.


Login page with split & form

This design style can be utilised to give pattern to the description background adjacent to the contact form. It gives the part a striking appearance.


Login page with gradient background & image

If you would like a gradient background with a picture next to the headline, description, CTA buttons, and form, you can use this example.