Tailwind CSS Refund Overview

The Tailwind CSS Refund Overview provides users with a list of all pending and completed refunds for your e-commerce website and manage them from a dashboard. It shows all the process where users can track, manage, and analyze all refund transactions effortlessly.

Default refund overview list

This is the default refunds overview list where you can see list of all the products that is refunded with their product details, dates of refund, resons and status.

Refund with Table

Following refunds overview list with table where you can see list of all the products which is refunded with there product id, dates, reasons, status and many more details.


Refund list with filter

This examples shows list of products with product details, filter options, search input, CTA buttons. You can also download report of your refunds.


Refund with CTA

Following tailwind refund overview shows a list of refunded items with pickup details, reason for return, CTA buttons for re-order, view details and download report.


Refund list with personal details

This example shows a list of refunded items with customer personal details, order details, reason for return and CTA buttons of cancel order, view details and add refund request.