Tailwind CSS Profile Header

Pagedone offers Profile Headers Tailwind CSS elevate your web profiles effortlessly. Pagedone have a powerful utility-first framework to create creative headers, seamlessly integrating with Pagedone's intuitive platform. Craft visually stunning profiles that leave a lasting impression, all with the ease and flexibility of Tailwind CSS and Pagedone.

Profile Headers with center image

Use this example to show user profile

profile with users skills

Use this example to list users skills and profile image

profile header with buttons

Use this example of tailwind css profile header to list users post and company detail

Profile Headers with background image

Use this example to show profile with profile picture and cover image


Profile Header with user's experiences

Use this profile header compoent example to show users experiences and more detail


Profile Header with user description

Use this example to describe user thems sefl with some words